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About Windescraft

There's not much to say about Windescraft. This is a server created by some students from Hogeschool Windesheim in The Netherlands studying HBO-ICT. It's a cracked server, which means you can join the server with a cracked Minecraft launcher to (no MODS!). The server was first created for Minecraft 1.12.2, we used a custom world generator to generate a world with over 400 biomes. At one point we had more than 100 players in the server. But just before the summer vacation the server went offline... this was the end of Windescraft... at least some people thought it was. BUT, we're coming back!!! With a 1.14.4 Minecraft server! With two worlds. A 1.14.4 world (the main world) and the 1.12.2 world (the old world). The old world has much more biomes and you might be interested to play in those biomes. But the 1.14.4 world has al the new 1.14.4 goodies. Ofcourse you can switch between the worlds anytime and the worlds have a shared inventory.

    A few plugins we have on the server are:

  • LoginSecurity: for a extra layer of security.
  • Factions: create your own factions, claim land and explore!
  • mcMMO: a real MMO experience with leveling and abilities.
  • Dynmap: go to for a realtime map of the server.
  • EssentialsX: for the more common commands as /home, /back, etc.
See the map!


Rules of conduct

    Rules also apply in the Windescraft server. These rules must be observed and obeyed. If this does not happen, measures will be taken. These measures will be taken by one of our Official Moderators, Admins or Owners in-game. You can recognize them by the corresponding tag in their in-game name.

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Have respect for each other.
  3. Don't swear.
  4. No hacked client('s).
  5. Leave starting players alone.
  6. Don't (try to) grief.
  7. Don't be an asshole.
  8. Don't raid.
  9. Don't create additional accounts for more power. Contact an admin for more power.

Vote for rewards!


    You can vote for our server, this will place our server higher in the Minecraft server lists. You can get in-game rewards for voting, such as: in-game money, xp and items. We also have a special rewards system if you vote every day in a week (or month, etc).



Let's Get In Touch!

Do you have a question? You can always join the server and ask someone (preferably a admin or owner) OR you can join the Windescraft Discord channel and ask your question there!